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LED Floor Lamp with Remote Control

LED Floor Lamp with Remote Control

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SUNMORY LED sofa floor lamp magnetic back part allows you to place the remote control on a metal surface such as the floor lamp post, so the remote control is not easy to lose and saves space, the iron lamp post protects the internal wires and light bulb, make the black-led floor lamp more durable.

The modern led floor lamp dimmable offers 4 color temperatures - 3000K / 4000K / 5000K / 6000K, and step-less dimming at any color temperature. They can provide a non-flickering light. You can easily control the living room floor lamp within 49.2 feet without leaving the sofa or warm bed (remote control battery is included).

led floor lamp magnetic function and iron material

SUNMORY remote control and touch control floor lamps with the 360 ​​° flexible, adjustable gooseneck, the led corner floor lamp can be easily bent and rotated and lighted up at the desired point. The heavy base offers stability when hit by children or pets. What for a user-friendly and safe design! 6 modes from the remote control: sleep, coffee, reading, work, breastfeeding, and game mode, it works in your office, living room, bedroom, or anywhere.

led floor lamp for living room

This best floor lamp has a large span and a bright, eye-friendly LED lamp that is perfect for people who want to illuminate small details with precise, customizable lighting. A color rendering index over 90 makes the Objects more vivid under the light and perfect for designers or painters. 

When you and your friend enjoy free time, you can choose the coffee mode to create a certain atmosphere. Select the sleep mode, then you can fall asleep comfortably. SUNMORY the best floor lamps for the living room and bedroom, and they go out automatically after 1 hour.

led floor lamp one hour timer

The standing floor lamps are equipped with a practical and flexible gooseneck that can be rotated through 360 °. The flexible lighting angle meets all your requirements. Therefore, it can easily illuminate the living room, bedroom, workplace, and every corner.

No additional tools are required, the led reading floor lamp installation can be successful in minutes, and the slim design makes it easy to carry and move.

led floor lamp specification
SUNMORY give you some tips
  • 1. Keep it in a dry place and do not touch the led living room lamp with wet hands.
  • 2. For longer life, please do not use standing lamps for living rooms in high temperatures or corrosive environments.
  • 3. Make sure the voltage is between 100 and 240 V, 50/60 Hz which is EU standard.
  • 4. Before cleaning, pull the plug out of the socket.
led floor lamp policy
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